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Gator replacement


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I have a customer (I tutor on pc's) that loves Gator because she says it saves her time on filling in forms. I say don't use it. She just did a full reinstall so I told her to hold off on installing Gator until I can find a safe alternative. Is there one that is free or retail that will do the job for her?



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I think Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firebird have these features built in, have never used it though. Take a look in the Internet Options, its in there somewhere.

Tell her that Gator sells that information to other companies and is probably the most unsafe thing she could possibly do.


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try the google toolbar

• Search the web with Google from any site
• New! Eliminate pop-up ads *
• New! Fill in forms with one click **
• New! Link a weblog to the page you're visiting *
• New! Restrict your search to pages located in a specific country *
• Search just within the pages of a site
• Highlight search terms on a page
• Customize the layout of your toolbar

more info here http://toolbar.google.com/



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AI roboform is absolutely THE best form filler out there. It saves individual sites info's as passcards and it also saves standard form info as identities.

i.e. a passcard for a site would contain username/pw

an identity stores fname, lname, phone number, email, etc

you can have multiple identies for different users or for different type of forms you want to fill (i.e a junk identity I use with all my junk email accounts)

Theres a freeware version you can try, but I've found this app so essential and useful that I got the pro version. No spyware or adware. There is integration with a lot of browsers out there (including my favorite myIE2)



its only fun
Tech tv gave robo form a good review and yes no spyware


It does have some limitations with the free version unless you want to fork out $30

The google one however is free, but doesn't have a password manager


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