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Gateway Laptop, Broadcom Wireless, can't see network


Somewhat eXPerienced
Wow... the weird problems just keep following me around! The other day I was up at my firehouse, and one of the members reported to me that their wireless adapter can no longer see the firehouse's wireless connection. The connection itself is secured via MAC Address Filtering. The user used to be able to see it, and his MAC Address is also added to the list of approved devices that can connect to the network. There aren't any other applications on his machine that run the networking, only Windows Wireless.

The only thing I was really able to think of was to update the driver and see what happens. That still didn't work, and his laptop could not see the connection while standing right next to the wireless router. No other users have suffered this problem.

Any ideas?


Somewhat eXPerienced
I have two answers. :)

1) Yes, we are using the XP Wireless client. There is no other software.
2) No, we have not disabled the Broadcast SSID. Other computers are working fine.

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