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gateway E-3400


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I have a gateway E-3400,733mhz,128sdram, motherboard82801AA(intel) southbridge,cpu-socket 370 FC-PGA coppermine, bios 0AAUOPO6 american megatrends, xp pro. The problem is when you click on restart the computer goes into standby, and when you bring it out with the mouse the mouse freezes. The only mouse I can get to work on it correctly is a old 2 button mouse. Boy I sure need some help.

Couple of things to try:

1) Make sure you have the right mouse drivers installed. Go to Device Manager and under Mice and other pointing devices. Select each mouse installed right click it and select uninstall. When they are all uninstalled reboot. Windows will find the new mouse and try to install the right drivers. If Windows can't find the driver you will need to have the disk that came with the mouse or files downloaded from the manufacturer web site.

2) Check your bios setup under Power Management and make sure it is set to do the right thing for shutdown, restart etc. May not be a problem here but you want to check. You shouls also check the power management under Windows. Right clikc in a blank area, select properties, then the screen saver tab then power at the bottom in the energy saver area. Set standby to never. Many machines, especially the older ones, do not tolerate standby well, they lock up.


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did this still don't work right. did the same with the video card(pci) too and changed video card(pci) and still does the same. I've never seen this happen before this way. wonder if i need the agp video card that goes into it?still trying to find more reasons for this.

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