Gateway 24" LCD w/ Faroudja processing


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19 Feb 2005
The Gateway FPD2485W seems to be better than anything else on the 24" slate when speaking of price/performance.

I think I will go ahead and snag this up. Honestly ... i dont mind if the monitor isn't optimum out of the box ..thats what this 8800gtx is for.

Now find the best price ..seems 649 is about the median price.
looking at reviews I'd advise against the gateway and suggest you look at samsung, dell or BenQ
u think so ... ive read almost nothing but garbage about the dell 2407 ... and the samsung or benq are over 100 more ... i guess if i could find one at the 600-650 range id consider it.
how are these as expensive as they are.. I've been looking for a new large lcd monitor and am suprised that much larger hdtv lcds are going for less than these. And the actual tvs have a lot more refinement and cost that goes into them.
TV's also have much lower resolution :) or if its a higher res tv 1080 it doesnt need ti individualk LCD crystals to be packed quite so close together so the panels are cheaper to make.

There are also more TVs around then demand, so the prices will come down to clear stocks. TV's also dont need super fast response times :)
u think so ... ive read almost nothing but garbage about the dell 2407 ... and the samsung or benq are over 100 more ... i guess if i could find one at the 600-650 range id consider it.

If you've read garbage abut the 2407 I@d question where you are looking. The leading LCD review sites rank it as one of the best in the 24" segment. It's not THE best, granted, but tits better than the gateway.

The Benq, etc cost more as they are recent releases, give it time and the cost will come down a bit.

I really recommend saving a mont or two more and increasing your budget. Your eyes will thank you in the end :)
ive read in many places about the left side of the panel never getting as dark as the right ... black banding .... and now something about a revision in the firmware to A02 or something. Ive read many places the 2405 is a much better monitor .. one id definitely be interested in.

I don't mind if its HDCP compliant or not ... makes me no difference ... some things I dont mind spending money on and honestly ..i justify everything i buy ... the 22" widescreens are almost half the price of these 24" and cant figure out why ... its not that much of a gain 12% screen.

If i buy at premier log in with dell i get the 2407 for 679 w 3 year warranty ... if i could find one of those coupons it would rock ...
well ... after taking some advice i took the plunge and purchased the Samsung 244t Black monitor. Turns out my neighbor wanted this 2001fp i sold it to him along with 2 6800gt video cards for 300 bucks. That left me to pay about 500 for the 244t thats not so bad. I cant wait till it gets here.
don't think you'll regret it. I was going to get the samsung until I saw the benq :)

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