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Garage Sell of Computer Cap


Blame me for the RAZR's
These are the final prices all Items are guaranteed by me and i will refund in full minus your shipping to me. All prices are in USD

I accept paypal and money orders.

Depending on location shipping will vary but I am not trying to make money off shipping so how much it costs getting there is how much it will cost.

Please PM me if your interested.

Item] Quantity, Price

SSIG PCI/0 Dual 16550 RS232 Serial I/O Card (unopened)] 2, 32.00 20.00

Cisco Aironet 350 series Wirless Lan Adapter PCM (supports LEAP)] 4, 10.00

Cisco Aironet 350 series Wirless Lan Adapter PCI (supports LEAP)] 3,20.00 18.00

Generic Dvi M-M (6.6 feet)] 10,8.00 6.00

Trendnet KVM tk-205I (2 computer ps/2&vga connections.] 1, 22.00 18.00

Dell C600 power adapter] 2, 5.00

Dell C600 generic CD drive] 5, 5.00

Zboard with bf2 keyset] 1, 40.00
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May have been more effective to use a strikethrough for the old prices so we can see what the differences are ;)

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