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Ok, so I'm building a new computer for gaming, although I'm ill-informed of what works best for gaming.

The most system intense games I will play are Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft (from Blizzard).

I want to go with the 9800XT and I'm unsure about the processor/motherboard I should go with.

Basically my question is, what motherboards/processors work well with the 9800XT and is the 9800XT worth it?

What I'm looking for is to play my games with a high FPS. I want to know what's the bare minimum as well as your recommendations (ie what you would get).



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For those games you really don't need a highend system, but I'd recommend going the AMD/Nforce2 route. Everyone has preferences for mother boards, I like ABIT and MSI. If you have the money to spend, you could also step up to the AMD64 platform.
Would the 9800XT be overkill?

See the thing is, I'll spend the money if it'll be worth it. But if I won't see a big difference between a 9600xt and 9800xt or an AMD xp and AMD 64 for those games, I'd rather not get it. I don't play FPS games or anything that requires a heavy rig.


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With the games you mentioned, I doubt you'll see any difference in getting a 9800XT over a 9600XT. You might see frame rate differences when you are playin WC3 in a multiplayer setting with hundreds of units on screen. The same goes for WoW. It might be more worthwhile for you to get a 9800XT. I have a 9800XT and I love it. You might also see their prices drop now that ATI's X800 Pro is out. So ... in my opinion ... yes it is worth it.

As for processor/motherboard ... go for the fastest you can afford. A 64bit platform is still not essential, so don't make it a priority. Personally, unless you are getting an Athlon FX64 ... I wouldn't go with a regular Athlon 64. You also might think of seeing if you can get your AMD system with the new 939 socket.

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