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Recently did a clean install of XP PRO. I have a 1.2 system with (sometimes 768 ram).

For me to do any gaming I have to use the 21.83 detdrivers , (I have a geforce 3 ti 200), and for d3d gaming (like max payne) I have to use the new 23.12 driver. But wait it gets better...

I do alot of compliing for my educational studies, and I like the extra ram, which is matched perfectly, so I have to put the ram in everytime I want to do any school work, and roll back the driver to the 21.83.

None of the games with with anything over 512 RAM. Tried every variable with the open gl games, hunkmegs, zonemegs... Nothing. I take the ram out and its fine.

Is there anyway that I can get everything to just work with the same driver and 768 RAM?

My specs:
1.2 athy (via has been updated)
512/768 SDRAM 133 cl3
GEforce 3 ti200 (21.83/23.12 drivers)
MS K7T turbo motherboard.

GAmes trying to run:
Max Payne

I'm afraid to try installing anymore, but would like to get my TFC back....

Thanks for any help.
hmmm no games will work with the ram...that seriously sounds like a bad ram stick to me...Games tax the ram more then compiling and that could be why the games won't run

As for your driver dilemma have you tried the 27.10 drivers?


Didn't even know they existed....

As far as the ram, if I run with just the 256 in there, everything is fine (slow), if I swap it out with the 512, its fine.

I put them both in there, its a nightmare...


They are identical except for size. From Crucial: same cl, same speed, same parity...
then it definitely sounds like it could be a bad stick...that would explain it, have you tried switching around the slots of each stick? it could also be a bad slot


Figured it out, it was a bad slot, new board on the way.

Actually, I think compiling taxes it more, I'm using clustalX to compile gene sequences, and I have waited sometime over 8 hours for work to pop up. I did notice an great improvement with the ram.

Thanks again guys!

wierd eh...

Well im on 512MB DDR...just bought a 256MB DDR stick...its not the same brand...but that shouldt really matter... the speed is the same.. and the CL is exactly the same.. now.. everything is smooth with 512MB DDR...when i installed the new stick...everything worked fine,,,until i started surfing.. playing games..etc--

the Horrible blue screen came up..i got some wierd auto restarts.... I figured out me problem ... its acctualy my power supply that aint powerfull enough. I got a 240W power supply..and thats not enough...

remember RAM uses alot of juice (power) ...just like the processor and a 3D card..

Resonance...i thought ur system booted up with 768MB ram installed?...The ram slot cant be broken if it finds the ram! And either the ram stick itself if it counts it all up.. It will either work or not.. sign of broken slots/ram.. is 3 error beeps-



That's a great point.... Just checked, my power supply is only a 250w.

Tech support for my board told my to place the stick in only slot #2 and try to boot. I told them that I thought you needed to place something in 1 to use 2....

I got a blue screen, with a STOP: HW problem, quoted them the error, and they said it was the slot.

I'm going to go check out powersupplies and give that a shot.

It makes sense now, thanks.

Let me know how it went aey!

I Ordered me self a new power supply last week,still aint arrived yet though.. :(

Also a burner.. hehe a plextor 24/10/40 should do.. :p

I am dead sure ..we got the same problem mate..

Im on a Athlon ThunderBird 1200Mhz 266Mhz FSB --512 MB DDR soon 768 DDR i hope ;) Soundblaster Live Player 5.1 ...2x 30GB ATA 100 7200RPM HDz..DVD...CD-ROM--Floppy drive ofcourse..and a network card.. yes i almost forgot me 3D card Creative Annhilator 256 PRO 32MB DDR--- ;) All this hardware eats up alot of juice (power) ...and ive heard and read that Athlon cpuz from 1000Mhz and above,,will require a power supply @ least with 300W power... Yes i also remember installing just a small little sweet fan--next 2 my HDz-- just 2 cool em of a bit..cuz they were in top of eachother.. I remember i got the same errors with the fan as i get with the RAM stick.. Its obvious really.. Me power supply cant handle any more hardware at all..

I just have 2 wait until i get me new power supply i guess..



I checked out some power supplies, and wow, they went up in wattage!

Can you get too much power? I have pretty much the same set up as you, except the DDR ram, can I go higher than 300 watts? The local computer store has a 400w for $10 more and believe it or not, 500w is the same price?!

Will I fry my system if I go too high? I already have a great cooling system set up.
hehe !

The More power the better... :) Say you bought a 500W power supply.. I dont think you can damage ur system with a powerfull power supply.. it just means... it could provide more power to alot more hardware (parts) than a 250W power supply...You dont need more than 340W - 350W--- sure you could buy the best power supply they have, if you have the money ... :p


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