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Game\System Troubles

Just got F1 2002 and am slightly confused over performance! I have a 2.53 P4 @ 2.8 with 1GB DDR333 RAM and a 128MB GF4 Ti4600, however when playing this game i get stuttering and it appears my system is having difficulty with the game. I've tried setting the display options lower but nothin helps. No probs with other games like Hitman 2, Nightfire, Mafia and Splinter Cell. Any ideas????


Your specs are fine, you should be able to play any game at the highest resolutions (just about)

Look for a patch on the game publishers website maybe...?

Maybe "newer" video drivers?


I have the latest drivers installed (Detonator 43.00) and there didn't seem to be a patch on the e.a site. if it helps, i'm running the game at 1024*768 res as I do with most.

da rock

the only way i've found to run the game w/out slowdown is to turn your hardware acceleration down one notch.there are no patches out that improve the performance.
OK, try checking your buffer settings. If its on triple buffering, adjust as needed. Also consider Powerstrip 3.3

As I've mentioned enough times to make the administrators sick. This program is just what the doctor ordered for game performance in automaticly adjusting video drivers for the most efficient and productive settings to run your games.
Also (and I'm not saying you are) anyone gettng wavy, horizontal lines during game play that are running your _ass kickn P-4's/2 gigs with G4's should not have these problems unless running downloaded warez copies. Again not saying you are but this is a common problem I've read about with ripped copies or ISO's, Bins.. You could be running someone else's system configurations settings on your rig. catch my drift..