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Games Arcade


Secret Goat Fetish
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ohhhhhh great idea :D

[20:20] <ElectronicPunk> arg
[20:20] <ElectronicPunk> just died in space invaders
[20:20] <ElectronicPunk> and it scared the hell outta me
[20:20] <Henyman> :p
[20:22] <ElectronicPunk> I have all the trophies!!!
[20:23] <ElectronicPunk> hahah - ha!


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This is awesome!!!

COuld you get a game called "space pirates" It was graphically like the asteroids you have except your ship had to protect pods from being stolen by ever increasing waves of pirates that would grab hold of them and try and take them off the screen. The pods were your lives.

It was a truly awesome game!!!
High scores in the arcade

First of all, I must complement you, EP, by adding the arcade to the forums, really nice addition. However, I detected an error:
Look at the arcade main page, there you see a list of the 4 latest winners. Among that list is Mubbers, which is said to have beaten the game of Asteroids. So I clicked on the High Scores for Asteriods, to see what my eternal rival has got got score, but he isn't on the 1st place, in fact, he hasn't played at all! A bug I say.

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