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gamecube backups

You mean networking your gamecube to a pc and back your games up? Or play your backupped games (the ones on your harddisk) on your gamecube with a gamecube->pc link?
For the first, I don't think so, not without a hardware hack, I think that is secured. And you need a piece of software for your gamecube and pc as well.
Second: Probably, but not without a piece of software for your gamecube.
Be aware, this a all pure theory, I don't have a gamecube, haven't seen any software, nor have I seen a working pc-gamecube link. Plus, I don't think this kind of questions are allowed on this board.


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There's some info here www.cubehacker.com (haven't read it myself, no need to)
but apparently because gamecube games can not be backed up to cd/dvd the only way to back up the games it to network the GC to a computer and then actually play it from the computer.... or something like that. Seems quite interesting to me :)


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Yep, what Speedy B said. You need the network adapter, and a copy of Phantasy Star Online. You basically trick Phantasy Star Online into thinking your PC is a Phantasy Star Online server, and then you can load games from there.

You cannot backup Gamecube DVDs because first of all they are mini DVDs, and second, they are burned from the outside in, and as far as I know, there is no DVD burner that does that.


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Dreamcast games where burned from outside inwards, that problem was solved by adding a large 'dummy' file, filled with 1's and 0's to the start of the disc actually filing the entire cd with data, but game data was actually pushed to the outside.

nintendo actually thwarted this by reading the disc backwards, you can actually get the mini dvds.. put dummy files on there.. burn them, but they wont read them :) quite clever really, good job nintendo :)


I may actually be insane.
Har! I hadn't even thought of that, yet it (seems) such a simple idea. Maybe they have tried, and failed? may not be as easy as it sounds to actually achieve.
It's probably backwards on a bit level, which would make it much harder. If not impossible. Due to control codes, lead-in/lead-out and so on.


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Originally posted by SPeedY_B
quite clever really, good job nintendo :)
I know. From a technical standpoint, I quite admire the Gamecube. That is more than I can say for the XBox (Pentium III...come on! :p )



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hehe :D
I was impressed with Sega's methods, making there own format of disc that holds 1GB of data, yet there plan was foiled by the fact that the games were rarely over 700mb (for example, the original crazi taxi is around the 90mb mark) and that the Dreamcast used standard sized discs, and had no problem reading CD-R.

Nintendo have gone all the way though, making it impossible (well, maybe just REAAALLLY hard, nothing's impossible :p) to actually physically backup their games, while clever, also quite annoying for people who always backup for legitimate reasons.

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