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We all get times when we just need to unwind and sit in front of the computer and play a game until your fingers are numb and your wrists are red from being in the same position for hours. I have an addiction for role playing strategy games.

I recommend running the CD first and then taking a look at the information file which is compiled by the software to inform you why the CD failed to launch. You will probably find there are a few IRQ conflict between Intel and ATI (depending on your GFX card this may vary). If this is the case then update the chipset utility.

  • Update chipset utilities software (you may get an error message informing you the drivers did not install correctly, select reinstall and then restart.
  • Once you have restarted, log back in again and then, update the StarForce software and restart again.
  • Try running the CD again and it should be working now, type in your CD key which came with the game and enjoy playing games on Windows Vista.

How to get games working with Windows Vista?
If you have a game title with a Digital CD lock then it should work fine. (Digital CD Lock will probably be something like StarForce) depending on which Digital CD Lock software the developers used.

Game titles I have tested and work fine
  • Splinter Cell Chaos Theory DCDL StarForce.
  • Splinter Cell Double Agent DCDL you need to get an update from the developers of the Digital CD Lock.
  • Prince Of Persia The Sand Of Time no DCDL on this version.
  • Prince Of Persia The Warrior Within SrarForce.
  • Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones StarForce.

Summary of above
One thing I have not tried is just updating StarForce first before installing any games, The reason I performed the above in this manner was because I need to run the CD first to see what was causing the problem with the CD not running. So install the game and then update StarForce after and then restart the system and try running the CD because I think it will work straight away.

The file is too large to add to the thread so I have provided the link instead to direct download the file here or just go direct to the website if you want.
World of Warcraft runs perfectly.

Quake IV (and therefore I guess any Doom3 engine based games) is absolutely fine too.

FEAR has issues with shadows with my NVIDIA cards but I am pretty certain that it is indeed a driver issue and will be sorted.

Half-life 2 seems to run slowly although there are no graphical issues, its something I guess I should test again, this is with NVIDIA of course.

Battle for Middle Earth 2 runs fine as well.
HL2 works fine for me (on nvidia), (did have flickering issues but there was a driver update i saw on windows update the other day which fixed it)
FEAR was working ok, but did crash after a while. not tried it recently
Call of Duty works ok, although it crashes loading the first russian level :(, the expansion pack is working fine.
Call of Duty 2 works ok
the latest nvida drivers have improved things. all games so far working fine and faster :)
Does anyone know if there's a 64-bit version of CounterStrike? I've only come across valve mentioning 64-bit HL2.
I've got 64-bit HL2 and 64-bit CS on my Desktop machine on XP x64

Apparently Battlefield 2142 works provided you run PunkBuster as Administrator otherwise Vista won't grant it access to the file system. This will hopefully be updated and fixed.
How do you get 64-bit CS mate? I want to try it on Vista.
How do you get 64-bit CS mate? I want to try it on Vista.

Pretty sure I just downloaded it from Steam. Deleted my old CS and HL files and just redownloaded them. Because I had a 64-bit OS it just got the 64-bit versions. I am about 90% sure of this. I dont have Steam on my desktop at the moment as I've not installed it since I tried to get Windows, FreeBSD and Linux all working on nVidia RAID 1 :p (and I failed :( only windows and freebsd on nVidia RAID 1, Linux wouldn't take)
I think Steam automatically detects what OS you have then runs the correct version.
For those of you running with a 64-bit capable AMD processor, along with the Windows® 64-bit operating system, Half-Life 2 and Lost Coast are now available in native 64-bit versions. Steam will automatically detect your OS and run the appropriate version the next time you run these games.
ahhh.. guess i'll have to download steam again... then HL2 and CSS.
Bit of a pain in the backside since I normally just run steam from previous install.
dont be mean but my wife wanted the game desperate housewives. installed and plays well but the game would not save. just says that there was an error saving. went out fo the game and turned off the UAC rebooted and all is fine.
Unreal Tournament 2004
Race - The Official WTCC

These should work fine :) .
Taking note!!! Cool to know... but what about those games that wont play?
anyone having trouble running Oblivion on Vista?

Contemplating upgrading, but want to make sure my stuff will work first...
I'm having trouble running Rainbow Six: Vegas.. it wants DX9c.dll.
I'm having trouble running Rainbow Six: Vegas.. it wants DX9c.dll.

Not sure if this will help but I was having the same issues running the new
FEAR expansion pack on my Vista RTM box (with a nVidia 6800 card). After
searching around the newsgroups, I found a post saying that I should try
installing the latest version of DX9. After installing the December release
of DirectX, my wireframe issues disappeared.

Hope this helps.
You can find out real easy what games work with Vista or any other OS at the compatibility site which is updated as games are either shown to work or not work on an OS. May also have what they had to do to get the game to run.

Thanks for that link man, it's answering alot of my questions on alot of the software that i use regularly, plus the games!
I'm having trouble running Rainbow Six: Vegas.. it wants DX9c.dll.

Not sure if your question was answered or not but if you get errors like this usually it means you dont have a DirectX rollup installed. I had that issue with Vista and R6Vegas, when I ran the DX distributable from the DVD everything was fine again. You will probably have this same problem with Oblivion, just run the DX installer off the DVD and you should be fine.

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