Game speed in decline


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I have a 1.8GHz Intel P4 machine with a NVidia TNT2 64 video card.

My favourite games such as RTCW and MOHAA are getting slower and I'm sure that the machine is becomming cluttered with useless processes etc...

Is there anyway to cut this back to the bare minimum for games use - just like in the old DOS days?

Of course when Doom III comes out I will be upgrading my video card!


try using dif drivers that could actaully be the cause cause with my tnt2 the newest(as in last cpl months) ones make things worse the ones are ones that seem to run the best for me
good luck
for the services try looking in tips and tweaks part of forum there is a few similar questions


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the EASIEST way to speed up a system and most users who know their rigs well will tell you the same... is to format...

format your hard drive and everything will be silky smooth again..

other than that defrag regularly and also in add/remove progs in control panel make sure you remove old/uesless progs that you no longer use/don't need..

this will buy some performance.. if you don't want to format..


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Format the hard drive.

Interesting suggestion.

Would that be the system drive or drives on which games are stored?

You got me thinking. As I'm lucky enough to have Partition magic I'm going to try installing my big games to individual dedicated drives - probably these drives should also have theire own page files?

Thoughts appreciated - i'll keep you posted if it works!


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well if you format a drive what it does is remove all teh gunk and when a clean reinstall generally will give you the best system speed...

I have 2 hdds right now.. a 3rd on the way and I just transfer from one to the other... the important files... format and then just migrate the files back...

stuff like winxp and office xp and others I can just reinstall... :)

g.luck though..


format is basicly defraging the whole drive to none then when you reinstall they are alot better orginized thats why some ppl chose to format always defrag never lol


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to an extent...

defraging does not fix your messed up settings in registry...

instead of going and fixing everythng individually why not format...

it only takes me around 30 mins to format and install winxp and perhaps another hour or so to install all my drivers and move files from my slave hdd to my master...

its worth it when your performance is really lagging...

I normally just defrag but when a noticeable drop in system speed even with defrag is noticed... better to just format..



You can also try hittin up msconfig and enabling selective startup and turning off all the junk that is starting up with windows so that you have the most resources available.

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