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Game Patches


Way too much time here...
Where is the best free sit for game patches. I am looking for Deus Ex, WarCraft3, Q3A, Total Annihilation and Max payne.

Should I just google each one seperately, or is there a good site for all of them?



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Anakist what do you mean by game patches ?
updating the game to resolve issues ?
or to circumvent the need for a CD ?

Don Fudleone the link you provided to GCW is a bit of a gray area regarding forum rules as it alters the original format of a game

I'll leave the link there for now until I get some feedback from the forum team


Don Fudleone

Live for the Bass
ok - soz - but - they do have a perfectly legal disclaimer.

it is upto the user to cross the line and participate in the illegal activities.

but i would inderstand if you took it down.

Don Fudleone


Way too much time here...
I meant to update the game re: bugs and things like that. Latest versions.

AFAIK you "crack" a game for no CD, not patch it. That is my understanding anyway, but thanks for the link.



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You can always look on the official sites for the game. Some just link to fileplanet or another site but the links are there and convienient to find.


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Originally posted by Enyo
crack / patch = same.

Just a different way of saying it the principal is the same.
Not quite. A patch in most peoples understanding is an official release desgined to upgrade your game - solving known issues/bugs, inlcuding new game types and doing a whole host of other perfectly legal stuff.

E.G. UT2K3 has so many official patches I can't remember what's current and they're all from EPIC.

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