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8 Jan 2004
Does anyone know how to extract the music from a Play station disc please?
So i can burn it to cd (sad i know) but some game music is realy cool.

Not sure about othr games, but the Grand Theft Auto games you could listen to in a stereo using the game disc. You just had to skip past the first track which was just noise
Early PS games just stored the tracks in standard Audio CD format. However as the need for space arose music got compressed and encoded in various formats, so some games have different formats.

Which game are you trying to get music from?
I have a tool called MFAudio which allows you to extract music stored in compressed PS2 music. I also used to have a tool that does the same for XA (compressed PSX audio streams) files, but I don't have it anymore and I forgot what it was called. As SPeedY_B said, name the games you want to extract the music from.
Hi guys the game is The Raiden project and i can see 3 sets of files for each game..they are .DAT .VEB and .PIM if that's any help to you.

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