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Game compatibility list...

Not sure who to direct this to, but it may be a nice idea to have a game/XP compatibility section at this site. Many games do not specify XP compatibility, but work fine; others, well, you know.

There could be a list of the more popular games and people could post their experience with a game. There could be a few categories ("runs ok", "has some problems", "crashes", etc) people could choose from.

There has been a few games I would like to get, but don't want to waste money on something that I am unsure would work.

Anyway, just an idea :D

Electronic Punk

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Unreal Tournament Build 436
Quake III 1.31
Return To Castle Wolfenstein 1.1
Diablo 2 1.09c

Those are the only games I have on at the moment, please post your games that work, post version numbers if you can!
Here are the ones I have:

Need for Speed 5 (Porsche): OK

Test drive 5 & 6: OK

Rallymasters: OK

Final Fantasy7: OK (with one "glitch":crashed once. had to continue past a stage on a 98 machine, ok since then)

SuperCar: OK

Viper Racing: OK


gorasul- legacy of the dragon
wizardry 8
empire earth
the holy sword
power wheels off road racing

that's all at the moment


OSNN Junior Addict
FIFA 2002: OK
Madden 2002: OK
NHL 2002: OK
Rogue Spear: OK
Urban Operations: OK
Covert Operations: OK
Black Thorn: OK
Ghost Recon: OK
Max Payne: OK
Tiberian Sun: OK
Red Alert 2: OK
Operation Flashpoint: OK
Rollercoaster Tycoon: Crash


Counter-Strike: OK
FIFA 2001: OK
Madden 2002: OK
NHL 2002: OK
Max Payne: OK
NBA Live 2001: OK
Starcraft: OK
Ghost Recon: OK

Btw, one question about Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Can the retail version (not the multiplayer test) run in D3D or is it only OpenGL?


Quake III Arena
Fifa 2002
Grand Prix 3
Unreal Tournament
Black & White
Colin Mcray Rally 2 (with Patch)
Rollercoaster tycoon

All worked fine for me....

Rogue Spear & Rainbow Six,

i am having problems with the sound on it, May be because of my Sound Blaster Sound Card.



I built my first non intel chipset below and loaded XP only to find that more than half of the games we have would not run or would lock up quickly freezing the system.
I thought ok and reformatted and loaded windows 2K but the same problem so did the same thing again with 98SE - yes you guessed it same problems.
Many hours of trawling the web led me to believe that the problem lies with the combination of Via chipset and nvidia drivers so work on this I did.
After many more hours i found that many games would play with the default XP drivers (12.40-?) but any versions of the XP detonator drivers caused lock ups. This made me very angry as I thought I had bought the best Mobo and graphics card setup both from the point of view of quality and speed yet here I was only able to operate at 60% of the basic speeds available with Nvidias XP drivers.
Eventually after many more hours resting settings I discovered the fix for my system allbeit not the best possible.
With all bios settings set to max speed I simply set the AGP throughput to 2X rather than the default auto or 4, now every single game runs flawlessly including some old ones in 98 compatability mode.
OK i have a working games system but should I really have to run a state of the art PC in 2x agp mode.

By the way all detonator XP drivers work and i can O/c to almost ti-500 speeds with my geforce3.

Games running.

RTCW, AVP-2, Sims, black & White, Giants, Undying, Theif-2, Deus Ex.

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