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Gambling...be warned.


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Maury Time...
.... So yesterday I was reading a story about how someone won 129m in a lottery here in the states and i thought, hmmm how nice it would be to win....

..... so foolishly i went to goldenpalace.com and put down $20 bucks then another $20 (not much i guess), and played this bowling gambling game, obviously i lost it all.

..... afterwards i was so angry at myself.... sure it only cost $40 dollars, but I saw just how easy it is to get sucked into this gambling addiction, reading an article and previous articles on gambling on the bbc new website, made me think even more.

Not only what a total waste of money it is, but just how terrible it could become if you couldn't stop.

Anyhow, i've never gambled before in my life and i never will again....

.... i would urge anyone here that may have a gambling habit to seek help straight away and destroy and Credit or debit cards you have.
Need to set limits.

I go into ready to lose the money I have and have fun doing it. Just another way to have fun, its not a bad thing if you do it responsible.
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No gambling here...one, I have much better things to burn money on and and at the very least get something in return; two...I have a kid in college, I don't have it to burn anyhow!


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Gambling, like any habit-forming activity, can ruin your life if not done in moderation or within limits.


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It's like goin on a date with a woman. You go knowing damn well you are gonna spend a good amount of money and probably not gonna get any. You go into it knowin yer gonna loose. :p

Same with gambling, if you set a money limit and play knowing you are not gonna win, then it's not a problem. It's the journey, not the destination (except with dating, it's always the destination :p). And when I say set a money limit, I mean the money in yer pocket, on your person. If you set a limit but have more money on you, you could get way too tempted to pull out the extra money and blow that also. If ya have only what you are willing to loose on you when playing and the rest in yer room or car or whatever. You will have to get up away from the table to go and get the other money. By the time ya get to the money you have lost interest or you have regained your senses or you're just too tired from walkin to when the money is (this is if ya put it somewhere far far away). :p


I buy a lottery ticket some weeks, I placed one wager on a horse this year in the Gold Cup, £6 on Hedge Hunter @16-1 and it came in second, so thats all I have gambled in a long time.

Fruit machines, horses and dogs, casinos they should be outlawed, they cause family break ups, debt, ill feeling and divorce.

You earn your money, why give it away so cheaply!


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lee i totally agree, i was just shocked i threw away $40 so easily, when an hour before i decided i didn't need to by a $39.99 dvd drive from newegg.com, thats just dumb...... oh and i actually needed the drive to.


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well please move it to the Gambling anonymous section, oh wait i don't think we have one. :lick:

I vote for gambling to be abolished all in favor say "Aye"

ok now its political.


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ive had some bad luck with gambling in the last couple of months, thats why from now on it will only be done like every once in a while, at first my friend and i got 1000$ canadian out of 200, then all the other times he would start out with 100$cad and go up to 2500 then lose it all and spend more go back up and lose again, this happened a couple of times, i wanted to kick his ass

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I'd like to think that I had the sense to understand the risk associate with gambling and if anyone doesn't and gets caught in the trap then more fool them.


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I gamble, but I do it in moderation. Mostly blackjack. Last time I went in with only $20, came walking out with over $300. T'was nice winnings. I gave $200 to a charity, and the other $100 was used for a date with a girl I once knew.

My dad in Vegas plays Roulette, last time he put in $75 (his limit on any gambling) and came back with $500. Must say, that steak dinner the next night was awesome!


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Gambling is entertainment. You should approach it that way. Leave your bankroll at what you can afford and you don't get upset. I go to the casino's here about once a month, I bring $400. If I lose it, oh well. Never risk more than you can afford.

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