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Gallery upgrade

Electronic Punk

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Re: Gallery disabled

Gallery is enabled. The forumhome featured gallery images will return when the code is released properly :)


I may actually be insane.
Re: Gallery disabled

:eek: rc build.

Nice rounded thumb nails though. I'm quite happy without the featured images at the top of the forums actually.. that's just me though :D


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Re: Gallery disabled

The featured images kind of reminds me that the Gallery is there... so I'm sure it does the same for others.

I'm not able to view any of the images. Is that the case right now?

Electronic Punk

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Re: Gallery disabled

been drinking, but will take a good look tomorrow.
think its just permissions on directories, but alcohol can lead to serious mistakes.


I may actually be insane.
Go with the unlazy thing, no one pays attention to the bottom of the forum.

Other than that, the gallery seems to be working nicely now :)

Electronic Punk

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The gallery has been upgraded to 5.1

New Features for PhotoPost 5.1

. PhotoPost Image Protection System (IPS). IPS gives a webmaster much more flexibility in controlling access to original images; images can be located outside the data directory structure for additional security. Image locations can be masked through the use of a redesigned watermark.php which adds security and can serve up images every from password protected directories (this ensures that only those people who you want to will have access). Additional features include: Admin section for IPS which groups options for protecting images into one area, allows for the directory for image storage to be changed (and moves files to new location), edit/creation of .htaccess files and configuration of the watermark.php script.
. Recent comments listing - previously a modification, this addition provides for a "more" link off the Recent Comments box and gives people a thumbnail listing of photos with the most recent comments.
. Group By Member option in category dropdowns which allow a user to change the category display to show images grouped by user (display is changed to showmembers.php format to show a list of members who have posted in the category and allow selection of that user to show only their photos posted in that category).
. Members Gallery. An option to make any category funciton like a Members Gallery by default. Works like the function above, but changes the functionality so that the gallery is presented in the Member Gallery format each time.
. Optimizations of queries to improve performance, increase security and reduce errors when invalid data is passed.
. New integration: http://www.fusionbb.com
. Approve a photo while viewing it (Admins and Mods)
. Images awaiting approval will display "pending approval" thumbnail in category to indicate their thumbnail is there, just waiting approval
. Improved language strings for easier comprehension
. Smarter URL parsing when grabbing images from a URL
. Single image uploads done in 1 step
. When image uploading complete, auto forwarded to category (no click here page)
. Second dropdown for album selection (if user has albums) during upload to make it easier to find the category/album users wants to upload images to
. Most Recent features/Most Popular/Last X days/All features link to "virtual categories" where next/prev links take a user through the images
. Revamped URL construct to remove unnecessary URL tags
. Rewritten slideshow feature - works as expected, much faster and uses alot less memory
. Further admin script consolidation with the integration of 4 more Admin scripts into one.
. New "filmstrip" layout for showphoto - templates for placing in default, side or top will be available (top by default)
. Improved switches for turning off the Last Photo Uploaded/Last Comment Posted columns which place the new posts icon in the same box as the number of photos/comments. You can see this on http://www.photopostdev.com/photopost/index.php and http://www.viperalley.com/gallery/index.php
. Albums attached to categories will have their last photos/posts links updated when new photos are uploaded (saved 1 query in upgradecategories)
. Approve photos sorting ignores display orders when displaying sorted views
. vB3enhanced users can create separate sets of templates based on the styleid (Members of extremefitness.com can see this with the half dozen styles we use all being skinned in the Photo Galleries section)
Enjoy, I will try and get some more sections up and try and get some good categories on the go it has been a while since I have had a chance to tart it up a little and it is very pretty :D

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