Gainward GeForce3 Ti200 problems.


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8 Dec 2001
A friend of mine just upgraded to XP. Each time he loads up the lastest drivers 22.50's. He system locks during Welcome splash screen. So after an fresh install he loaded up the 21.83's drivers. The system doesn't lock, but he can't run 3dBenchmark, or he can't play RTCW. In RTCW he can watch the intro movie, but when he goes plays the game is locks or kicks him back to the desktop. His system is 900 Mhz T-bird, SBLive, 256 pc133 ram.
Try the 23.12s which should come up on windowsupdate site, under drivers.

He tried those. But haven't tried from a fresh install. Same lock ups.
Is your friends system motherboard VIA or Intel based?

If VIA, make sure he has the latest AGP drivers and system files.

If Intel, make sure he has Intel Application Accelerator, and system files too.

He is running VIA and he did have the 4.27 4 in 1 drivers. Isn't the AGP in those?
nver do an upgrade to xp, always do fresh install.

try 21.85, they work great , 23.11 has terrible memory issues, i havent tested 27.51 yet.
u can get em from here.

u donot need to go to all that trouble of reformating, it is not necassary, xp controls ur irqs, leave the pci slot, right under the agp slot free, it hogs pci band width...the 21.83, wont work on rtcw, because i beleive it doesnt have open gl , ud have to get a seperate, gl driver. install the via 4 in 1, the latest version is 4.37, not 4.27. u can also try changing you agp from 4x to 2x. but since i used those via 4in1 4.37, i ve been runnin like a champ on agp 4x...i know 21.85 and up have open gl support.....and if ur freind upgraded to xp thats a huge nono. do a clean install, and im willing to bet all those issues will go away.hehe i just read back on your post and saw that he upgraded, so before you look at any thing else do a clean install. u will be glad you did.:rolleyes:
good lord.

cmon, people sharing conflicts, in irqs are a thing of the past. i have my sound card, gforce3, and network card all on irq 9 along the pci steering controller, i have never, had any problems. what u need to be worried about is, the pci bandwidth. all the nvidia
drivers from 23.11 and up overload the pci busses, due to crappy memory allaction. thus creating the pci latency issue. until nvidia gets it right. theres always gonna be someone having issues.
and im sure theres plenty other peices of hardware, like most pci sound cards, that strain the pci bus too. so its not a via issue, as
i have via, and have nver had probs, and freinds of mine that dont have via having problems. all these guys, are all contributing to it in some way. even ati does this. im willing to bet when they come out with that new integrated sound chip, i dont have info on it handy.there will be plenty more pci bandwidth, to give to
the greedy graphics cards. just go look at the measly, pci clock rate. hell they even feel the need to up the agp. i forget is the pci
66mhz, or 33mhz, either way theres the answer to all the damn issues in most cases. if you try to configure your pc so u can manually change irqs, it will cause more problems than its worth,i know this cause i was like everyone, tryin to free irqs in the beginning, and once i disabled acpi, all hell broke lose and i had to format....and let me tell ya as much music and graphics that i do
if i was gonna have a prob i wouldv by now.......the audigy will hog as much if not more than nividia drivers and mine are doing just fine and dandy......there is always an easy way out of these kind of issues, not all but most, aside of fatal errors and such...peace. the major problem for now is lack of kwnoledge, of how to code drivers for xp. its a fact. but it can only get i just had to say it, loloololol
I had the same problem

Go into DXDiag, and then go to the Display tab and hit the "Test Direct3D" button on the bottom. If it should craps out on the DirectX 8 test, just tap on the Direct3D Acceleration: Disable button. It should pop up a dialog box that says "Direct3D enabled" The Direct3D was actually initially disabled, even though the dxdiag tells you its enabled and all that junk. Don't ask me why, I have no clue.

Hope that helps!

thats a good idea dude, glad someone mentioned that, hehe:D

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