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Gadget Addict. Who admits they are one ?


.. Commodore ..
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Hello, my name is Johnny and I have an addiction. That addiction is gadgets.

I tried to register a web site domain the other day for it, but the url was taken !!

Anyone care to confess?
I like some gadgets but have never and will never own a cell phone. I completely despise them and believe they contribute to the dumbing down of our youth.


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I'm a gadget addict as well, but the only gadget I've owned to date is the iPod Touch. I love to jailbreak it, modify it, and see whatever I can come up with. It's highly customizeable and there are a lot of great applications for it.
Confessing. Addicted to anything with buttons and flashy lights...

Own a Samsung Instinct. Kinda like 3 gadgets in one. Other than that, it's digital cameras for me...

I'd own a lot more toys if I could afford them and hubs didn't take them all...


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Gadget addict...
MP3 player
4g mem stick
laptop, 2 desktops
DVR (2)
Cable boxes (2)
Game Consoles (3)
All the kids have MP3 players.
I *had* a 400g backup HD but it died -mourn-
...so yeh.. mad mad MAD Gadget Addict here...


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I am a nostalgic addict, I still hold on to an old Pentium 1 100 Mhz, with 64 MB EDO ram.

That being said, I like gadgets, to an extent, I don't need the latest and greatest all the time, and I am a big fan of simple gadgets. One gadget I really want though is an Digital SLR. Pentax would be my preferred brand, cause then I could use all my old lenses.
Oh hell yeah:

Logitech G15 keyboard just for the LCD screen.
iPod Touch.
Server that exists solely for me to tinker with in my spare time.
Used to have an XBox in my old car just for the challenge of getting it in there and working.
Still have a working NES and Sega Megadrive (Master System to you NAm type peoples).
I can't leave home without my 4GB USB stick.
I currently have two USB extensions hanging around the front of my computer because there aren't enough ports on the front.
And the list goes on!

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