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I saw this from #OSNN and at first I though it was semi cool (but maybe should be binary clock?)..... then I realisedwhat had been done was nothing to do with the computer clock or any hardware/sowftare internal to the G5.... they had literally simply taken a clock and taken it apart and lined up the LED's with the holes inside the case.... and given that is what this is I found it sad and not at all cool, personally. just a personal opinion - please no flaming!


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yah blue led's would be the way to go.. the red ones are just not doin it for me...


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if he has a g5, I am sure he can setup a system with more current :cool:

sure as hell he ain't hurting for money...


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Well, I'll bet he has a power cable running out the back. He probably didn't take the time to wire it into the PS. He never showed that part. Just like Mainframeguy said. This isn't anything to be impressed by. It would have been impressive if he wired that clock into the BIOS clock, which he did not.


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Granted blue LED's would of been cooler, but they also cost a **** load more (At least over here they do, not sure about else where).

I really don't think the idea was to be clever/genius and hook the clock up to the bios, it's just something new and inventive.

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