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G5 crashing when plugging in firewire hard drive


OSNN One Post Wonder
Well, tonight I'm having trouble with a new Mac G5. It seems every time I plug in the firewire hard drive I get the screen that says " This macintosh needs to shut down.... "

When I restart it with the drive plugged in, it won't let me look at the drives. I plug it into a G4 and it works great..

Any ideas??



Random Apple Dude
What kind of Mac G5 is it? (PowerMac or iMac). Also what kind of FireWire Drive is it?

I know with some FireWire drives, they're thing OS specific so you can use them for Windows or Mac OS, so you may need to use Drive Utility and restore it as a Mac OS Drive.

Also, have you tried repairing Drive Permissions in Disk Utility.

oorrrr.. hmmm... could be dodgy FiWi port.

[edit : i just thought of another solution i forgot about before then. try turning off your Mac and unplugging it from the wall for about an hour. i've seen this fix on the offical Apple Support Forums. It should in theory, reset your FireWire busses ] :crosseyed:


OSNN One Post Wonder
It's a powermac G5 ( the big metal one ) and the firewire drive is a Maxtor 160gig drive formatted for Mac.

It works on 2 other G4's I have here but not the G5 ..

ALL the Macs are running OSX Panther with updates.



Random Apple Dude
Benzoid said:
It's a powermac G5 ( the big metal one ) and the firewire
hhmmm yes... i know what a PowerMac G5 looks like ... *licks mine* ...mmm tastes like Apple

Have you tried all the firewire ports on the G5?

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