fux computers!



i hate computers.
i download that stupid ass logmod thing and it fux up my computer.
log in screen wouldnt show up. instead i got this:

Not Enough Quota Available To Process This Command.

and when i think i get it fixed.

i have no fuxin cd drives. the both say this:

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling them, but nothing fuxin works.

if anyone can help...PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ help me. otherwise i have to reformat and loose my fuxin term paper and everything. its too big to fit on a floppy so im fuxed if no one can help.
thats what i did and if fuxed me up on the cd drives.

also if i do a full reformat do i have to call microsoft to get a new cd key cause i heard this cd key can only be used once
No, you don't have to call m'soft again. if your hardware signature has changed a lot then you can reactivate as often as you like.

Do you have a cd burner? have you loaded burning software? I know i have a problem with Nero - if i load it it makes my cdroms disappear is why i ask.

There are other causes for your cdroms disappearing also, unrelated with this logmod program.
hm... good question cause i just got a new version of nero and thats when my drives disappeared. ill get back to ya on this one.
just uninstalling it may not help, you may have to restore back to before it was installed because it does a lot of stuff in the registry.
ya that uninstall thing didnt work. if your not busy you think you could please help me out?
Do you have a restore point from before you installed Nero? If so, use that and see if that fixes it.
System Restore is what i use in similar situations.
thats what i did and if fuxed me up on the cd drives.
From your reply to my first post, i thought you had used the system restore feature. Did you? Same thing, only select a date earlier than when you installed Nero.

If you misunderstood my post, and need instruction how to use system restore, let me know.
uh...i dunno. i just put the xp disk into my comp and did some repair thing. thats how i got back into my comp.
Had exactly same problem-losing CD drives.

Discovered fault was definately my version of Nero (

Doenload latest version which is fully supported XP, worked a treat, no problems now.

Hope this helps.
Does installing the newest nero fix the earlier glitches? Or do those have to be manually removed?
Uninstall previous version of Nero first, then remove all refs from registry.
Install new version, this should cure it.
Want an easier solution to your problems guys???

Use the search feature on the top of the page, search for my username and read what I typed on the subject of losing the cdroms, you'll find it a much simpler and successful solution, I'm not going to re-type or paste over the entire message, but do a search, read and enjoy......goodluck.

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