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Futuremark's PCMark 2004 Benchmarks

Electronic Punk

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PCMark®04 is the second latest version of the popular PCMark series. PCMark04 is an application-based benchmark and a premium tool for measuring overall PC performance. It uses portions of real applications instead of including very large applications or using specifically created code. This allows PCMark04 to be a smaller installation as well as to report very accurate results. As far as possible, PCMark04 uses public domain applications whose source code can be freely examined by any user.

You can download PCMark 2004 from this page

Please use my next thread as a template for your benchmarks.
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Electronic Punk

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CPU: AMD Athlon64 3400+ @ 2.2ghz
Motherboard: MSI Neo FiS2R, Bios rev 1.8
Memory: 2x512meg Crucial CAS3 DDR
Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce 6800 Ultra 256mb, Forceware 65.62
Hard drives: Dual SATA Maxtor Diamond9's 320gig RAID array
Soundcard: Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS

PCMark Results:

Date: 2004-08-13
System Test Suite 4323 PCMarks
CPU Test Suite 4097
Memory Test Suite 3729
Graphics Test Suite 6854
HDD Test Suite 5423



OSNN One Post Wonder
CPU: P4 3.0ghz L775
Memory 2x 512mb DDR400
Video card Radeon 9250 =\
HDD 160gb WD

PCmark score 3728 =\\
CPU 4219
Memory 4038
Graphics 863 =\\
HDD 4521

owned on the graphics card
damn shoddy card

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