Futuremark PCMark 2004 Benchmarks


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12 Apr 2002
pcmark 2004 scores

PCMark 2004 tests a systems CPU, Memory and Hard drive performance and provides a condensed score for each to give a general idea of performance.

home page == www.futuremark.com
download mirrors == PCMark04

Minimum system specs are as follows:

- x86 compatible processor, 1000MHz
- 128MB system memory
- 60MB of hard disk space (and additional 130 MB free space for HDD testing)
- DirectX 7 generation graphics adapter that is fully DirectX 7 compliant.
- Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP operating system
- DirectX 9.0 or higher runtime installed
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 installed
- Microsoft Media Player 9 installed
- Microsoft Media Encoder 9 installed

link to Media Encoder 9

this is required to complete the benchmark.

please refer to the guidelines before posting. Thank you.
From memory, I got around 4000 only. The free version is very limited. You should really try passmark performance test www.passmark.com for a more comprehensive comparison - version 4 is free with Norton Systemworks
what do you need to read a .pt file?

-edit- nm I spose its the performance test file lol...

I'll check it out just now... gimem a few mins...
I ran PCMark 04 on my computer and got the following result :-

PCMark Score: 3437
CPU Score: 4119
Memory Score: 2309
Graphics Score: 2186
HDD Score: 2815

What does this quite mean actually? Weak, Average, Good? :confused:
talking of pcmark i cant get the web page renderer to work hence cant get a result also the hdd test does not work any clues ?
I had posted a link to this in the old benchmark section when I set up the threads. I am setting them up one by one tonight so I will have all the links there... I will also move this thread to the relevant link as well :)
dreamworks said:
I think you have to install Microsoft Media Player's encoder first. I was having the same problem but it was ok after I installed the encoder. Can get it at www.microsoft.com/mediaplayer

Cheers mate ...

Thanks but i already have that installed :(
I dont think its because i have firebird installed cause i also tryied running it when i reset I.E. back to the default

Hey what are you guys geting on PCmark04? I got 1304 lol. But after I get my new system built i'll do the test again and see what i get! hopefully it will be around 10,000?
RagnaroK said:
Try this thread mate. :)
PC Mark 04

thanks ragnarkok



prodj... when posting a score in many of the application benchmarks we have... please consider posting it in the same format as everyone else including details about your product/clock speeds and the like and post a compare link when applicable :)

btw congrats on getting your new machine going

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