Funny Video Thread

Hah!!! Rocket jump was great. :p

I haven't laughed so hard in a while. :p

Reps 4 dat.
I agree, I liked the Rockey Jump as well. It was good.
Hah! :laugh: That was good.

Who threw the paper airplane? :rolleyes:

I ain't snichin. :p
Here we have possibly one of
the funniest EVER X Factor auditions
in Birmingham, UK. Lisa and Abby
are clearly no longer going to be
the best of friends after the punch!
Eeeeks, entertaining though haha!
See what you think :p

X Factor 2010 - Ablisa Full Audition, She Gets Punched! HD

That is good. I always wanted to hear some one ask those loser judges who they are. Just once I would like to see the judges get up and perform. I bet Simon would get booed off the stage real fast ...
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They were doomed back stage before anything.

So many people out there looking for that 15 minute moment of fame (or infamy for the many unlucky ones) and they don't care about anything but that. Some are so delusional it's sad. Some go their entire lives with hidden talent and they could care less. Oh well.
Gotta say citronix, fliiby dot com sure is getting a lot of air play. Got another site with videos?
Justin Bieber is killed by Eric Cartman
on South Park.
Oh yea!!! :))

The **** shows himself to be even more evil than the dark lord, Cthulhu, as he punishes his former partners in **** & Friends. Kenny McCormick, is wrestling with the weight of his own super power through his alter-ego, Mysterion. Will **** and Friends save the day? Will Mysterion ever come to terms with his ability to defy death? All this as the nation waits and wonderswhere is Captain Hindsight?

Justin Bieber dies on South Park (720p)

I liked that. Man how I wish it would really happen ..
What gets shared :)

[ame=""]YouTube - Family Feud - Devils & Angels[/ame]
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Forfar Bomb Found

[ame=""]YouTube - Forfar Bomb Found[/ame]
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Brutal Headbanging different places xD Hilarious.
Some friends of me made it 2 days ago.

[ame=""]YouTube - ?Extreme headbanging at home?‏[/ame]

Found it today. Crazy dog freaks out, the voice over is
probably taken from the movie Bruce Allmighty

[ame=""]YouTube - ?Dog Malfunction 2?‏[/ame]
[ame=]?The Sounds of Saudee?‏ - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=]Awkward Train Situations 2 - YouTube[/ame]

I LOL'D IRL hilarious vid of crazy kids in Australia

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