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funny mobo issue (and solution)

My mobo (GA-7VRXP) was acting funny the last few days. Sometimes, I would turn the system on and all that would happen is the front power LED would blink on for about 1/2 second, then the sys would shut off. Also, the fans would come on for about the same amount of time. If I waited a few minutes, then try again, it would be fine.

Then last night, it wouldn't come back on...period. I thought my PS was bad or a wire was intermittently shorted or something. I disconnected every card, fan, or drive that wasn't necessary to the system functioning. I even tried removing the AGP card. And yes, I cleared my CMOS too.

Then a funny thing happened. I removed the CMOS battery for a while and reseated the CPU, but forgot to plug in the battery when done. I fired the system up and all was ok! Then I noticed the battery was missing, so I shut down, and put it back in and the problem started again.

I ended up replacing the battery and all is OK now. Funny thing is the battery measured 3.15 volts (unloaded) which seems ok. The new battery measures only .07v higher than the old. The old battery measured 1.98v loaded with a 220 ohm resistor (.009 amps) ...pretty low.

So the whole thing was caused by a low CMOS battery. This mobo isn't that old either. I still am using the original battery that came in my old gateway Athlon (700MHz SlotA) motherboard that is about 4-5 years old! I guess Giga-byte has to cut corners somewhere. ;)

Anyway, thought this might help someone out...
Yeah if a CMOS battery dies, it's most often within a year (bad battery). If it gets past three years it'll last forever! (Well almost) :)

Lucky you forgot to put back the battery, that error could have taken weeks to find! :)
Originally posted by Zedric
...Lucky you forgot to put back the battery, that error could have taken weeks to find! :)
Well, I've had an experience in the past with another PC simply acting dead. I was just about to get another PS (it was in a "Barbie" PC and had a REALLY small PS which were known for failures) when I swapped batteries for sh*ts and giggles, and found the problem.

So, I don't think it would've taken too much longer to figure it out, just deeper and more formal troubleshooting; with more curses and grumbling of course. :)

But, I figure if my experience can keep someone else from pulling their hair out, I thought I'd at least post it here.
Originally posted by Nick M
Thanks! I have the same board, so it it ever comes across, I'll know what to check :)
Exactly why I posted it. :happy:

Originally posted by Nick M
Love this board.
I like it too, has almost everything I need built-in, plus it was cheap. I don't use the on-board sound though: Only has one input connector on the mobo. I have 2 CDROMS and a modem that I like to hook up, so I'm still using my aging SB Live Value! card. Maybe I'll get an audigy2 with my tax money, hmmm...

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