Funniest Television Series?


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5 Mar 2003
OK, so what's the funniest thing currently on television?
With satellite & cable so common these days, it's likely we can all enjoy
your recommendations, wherever we live.

For me personally it has to be "Malcolm In The Middle".
It's one of the most original, well acted and hilarious peices of television i've
seen in a long time. Sheer brilliance. Every episode is a corker!.

The only other "funny" I watch regularly is "The Simpsons", although
it's proving tricky trying to find episodes of that that I haven't seen before.

Post your favourites, and why (if you like) they're worth a watch below...
The Simpsons (FOX)
The Family Guy (might be coming back) (Cartoon Network)
Arrested Development (FOX)
Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (Spike TV)
Kid Notorious (Comedy Central)
Ren & Stimpy (the new ones/Spike TV)
Friends.. Will & Grace...

Recently downloaded and watched every single episode upto the current one of both...

currently working my way through Spin City (oldie, Micheal J Fox) - 90% watched.

Need more now :p - so excellent thread :)

Good job guys, some nice stuff!
Hopefully we'll get a good list up of definitive watching ;)
Keep 'em coming!
South Park

the characters and the tongue-in-cheek upto date storylines are brilliant...

and the animation and music is state of the art :D
No. I don't like that pirate arithmatic game, it's not really what I was looking for. Do you have any pirate arithmatic games that aren't quite so piratey?
uuh... i'd also have to say Family Guy.

Dreamliner.... since when was Family Guy NOT on Cartoon Network? here it's on at i think 11PM or 11:30PM
Electronic Punk said:
No. I don't like that pirate arithmatic game, it's not really what I was looking for. Do you have any pirate arithmatic games that aren't quite so piratey?
:confused: *scratches head* Good Weekend m8? :p

Hehe,, forgot all about Bo Selecta, and South Park.
They're both cool :cool:
south park
most extreme elimination challenge
family guy
the critic
and? you said Cartoon Network. It's still airing somewhere, so u should be at least PARTIALLY happy
Most only reason my TV gets turned on these days is for "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and "Sea Lab 2021" both on Cartoon Network as part of there "adult swim".
The Simpsons
South Park
Saturday Night Live

Now I get what you mean. Yes I know it is currently on the cartoon network. What I meant is that the creators are currently in discussions to make new episodes.
Malcom in the middle
little britain
They think it's over
have i got news for you
Well not sure about currently on but as for others hs to be

Red Dwarf
Sports Night
Spin City
Have I got News For You
Clerks: TAS
Family Guy
.... more

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