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Funniest show on TV (current)


Who's Line Is It Anyway
Had the comedy channel for a while and seen all the old English shows as well as the more recent ones.

Evil Marge

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Dr Phil!!!!!!Be careful of him..You heard the rumours???? My fav is the Royle Family.Watched it last nite and it's hilarious,never laughed so much in a long time... Next The Simpsons and King Of The Hill :)


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uh south park?

after that I would rank simpsons/king of the hill/the daily show all around the same level...

I think "That 70's Show" is the funniest, probably because it reminds me of my own teenage years in the 70's, I find lots of parallels there and now I can look back and laugh at them!:D I also enjoy "Whose Line is it Anyway" the one with Drew Carey, however, recently, I've seen a few of the english version ones, and find those even funnier.
The ones I like (but don't necessarily get to watch all the time):

Everybody Loves Raymond
Whose Line Is It Anyway
The Simpsons
That 70s Show

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