Fujifilm Finepix 6800



Anyone have one of these working properly under XP?

XP recognises the camera and mounts a drive when I turn it on so I can download the pictures from it. However, it doesn't get recognised as a device, so I can't use any programs to capture from it. eg CoffeeCup Webcam etc.

Anyone have this working?


Thanks for the link. I saw that yesterday. Basically it says the old software I got with the camera won't work with XP, but that there would be an update released in November. I've installed the update and done everything they say you should do to get it working in XP, but it still won't add the camera as a device.

Works fine under Win2k (I was using it before), but this is starting to bug me now :(

Unfortunately the official support pages are not too good. The script just times out when I try to do a search.


2 Dec 2001
I know what you mean. There's a few companies dragging their feet catching up to XP. You're actually more fortunate than a lot of us, some of us now have some very expensive electronic nik naks because manufacturers won't support them anymore. And, a major feature of your camera does still work - where XP is concerned in these first few months, that's a good thing. Good luck man, hope they get your drivers and application posted soon.


I finally got it working :)

After a load of messing around with the software I removed everything from the system altogether and reinstalled it all from scratch.

Then it worked straight away. I must have corrupted it all with all the fiddling I was doing at the start, before I read the XP update info from the website.....

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