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ftp HELP...

I was wondering how I go about password protecting different folders on my ftp webspace..also can I have different username/passwords for each folder? and can I set certain folders to be uploadable only (ie people can only upload to them and cannot download content from them)?
Reason I'm asking is I want to host DJ mixing competitions and want my forum members to able to upload their mix to a competition folder and NOT be able to download other contestant's mixes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Regards... Colin :)


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As far as making more ftp account all you have to do it create a user account (linux) im not to sure about the rest :D


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yeah, thats what having usernames/passwords is for, download serv-u ftp server and ull quickly see that u can do that kind of stuff by locking them into a folder, or setting permissions for each username

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