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FT: Dell Dimension 8400

Ok, I've got this thing sitting around here. It's going to collect dust since I don't need 3 PCs.

Here's the specs:
Intel Pentium 550 = 3.4ghz HT LGA775
512MB (2x256MB) DDR2 Samsung Ram
80GB WD SATA Drive
SB Live! 5.1 Wth Advanced HD
DVD/CDRW Drive, and CD Rom Drive
Ati Radeon X300SE 128MB Video card (PCI-E)
Windows XP Home SP2

The motherboard has 4 Ram slots, and 3 open PCI slots.
The heatsink is actually a pretty nice aluminum Heatpipe heatsink with a 90mm fan blowing on it. Works pretty well. Comes with Keyboard, Mouse, and Speakers.

Configured on the Dell site it's $1100 (But that's kinda far fetched).

Now, I'm looking for 2 things, either 1 or the other:

Nikon Coolpix 8800 Digital Camera (currently at Newegg.com for $799 -$100 MIR brings it to $699)
If you buy this new, I will also throw in my Olympus D-560 3.2MP digital Camera (Retail box and all) as well as a 256MB and 128MB XD card. That's a pretty good deal.

If you go this route, it's a flat up trade.
A Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW Monitor. One of those new ones. They are about $600-$700.

Shipping will probably not be covered by me. Unless it's not bad, then I'll go half on it.

I really think that either way, it's a pretty good deal. The computer is BRAND new, maybe about a month old tops, it's only been started up once to make sure it works, and it's been sitting ever since. Still under the Dell Warrenty.


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shep arer you on fcking crack haha, didn't murlo post about a trillions posts for this pc, sell it to him, unless you have and he declined, then oh well. :)

How much would you sell this PC for in cash?

only other question i have, is why did you buy a pc then not use it, does this involve trucks and stuff falling off?
I'm mostly trying to trade the PC for either of those items. Both of which Murlo didn't want to buy to get the PC. He turned down the offer. As far as cash. I'd just prefer the Camera or the monitor. I'm not looking for cash. :)
Well, the reason why I never used this thing is both of my PCs before this are better and more powerful. I won this computer from the Dellf The Elf Sweepstakes.

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