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My mobo has a 266 MHz FSB and I have a 1 GHz T-Bird. In CPU-z it says that my FSB is 132.5 MHz and my bus speed is 265.1 MHz.

So my is whats the FSB speed? Is it 133 or 266?


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see like me I am overclocked

its spose to be (133x11.5)X2=1529.5 ghz = athlon 1800+
but its set to (140x12.5)x2=1750.0 ghz = athlon 2100+

everything follows the fsb my ram is also on the 140x2 = 280 mhz

so if you use a cpu with a 266 fsb your gonna be better for overclocking with ram that is 333 ( ddr2700 ) cause that ram will allow higher MHZ more than the ddr 2100 = 266 mhz

hope that cleared that up a little :)


Ok thanks, I got a little bit worried when I saw that CPU-z said that my FSB speed was 133 cause I have a Compaq and I cant really change anything in my BIOS.


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your true front side bus clock for the cpu is 133mhz... the double data rate marketing speed becomes 266mhz... x2 :)

like kermit said..

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