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Mr Dead

Ok heres my prob. I have an AMD Thunderbird 1400 o/c to 1520 by increasing the multiplier from 10.5 to 11 then increasing the fsb. I have good cooling so temp is not a prob. However even though my system is stable if increase my fsb more my usb cable modem stops working. Any ideas how i can resolve this prob or am I going to have to be satisified with my current speed?


oops... You must have a board with the Via kt266 chipset... The choices are: Get a kt266A board,,, to turn the FSB back down,,, OR to get a PCI USB adapter...

I think #3 is the best choice...


You are going to have to be HAPPY. The USB/High FSB issue is suposed to be gone with 266a chipsets, but results vary from brand to brand. You would get better performance from an unoverclocked Athlon XP+ in any flavor/DDR solution. The PCI usb has been known to work as long as your mobo has 1/4 dividers.

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