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8 Aug 2002
Figured i'd give this section of the forums a bit of an update with a NON-spammy/scammy post.

Just wondering if anyone might be in the market for a netbook.... cause i'm lookin to sell my EeePC 1002HA. Hardly ever use it anymore (Hell... hardly ever used it when i got it. Might be able to see it in the pic, but the little protective film over the webcam is still there)... and i'm lookin to get an Android tablet when the one i want comes out... which will then wind up leaving my Eee to collect dust in a corner somewhere.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Eee - ASUS Eee PC 1002HA

It's pretty much standard. The only difference is that i swapped out the 160GB HDD for an OCZ Core V2 30GB SSD, and upgraded the memory from 1GB to 2GB. I still have the original box... i'd say manual, but i can't recall if it actually came with one. Still have the Support DVD, which i'm assuming is the one that would be used to restore the original OS to it's original state. Right now i have it dual booting a seriously trimmed down version of WinXP and also Ubuntu.

It is in perfect condition except for the one little thing in the last picture. You see.... a friend of mine was using it the one day on one part of my desk... while i was using the desktop. I can't recall exactly what happened.... i think he moved my chair out of the way, or the power cord was wrapped around his chair somehow, but something happened, and the Eee was dragged off the desk by the power cord. Landed square on the corner of the lid... which i'm pretty sure is why that bend is there. Other than that, the only thing that happened is the one cover for the lid hinge popped out a bit... which just popped back into place. Other than that.... it's pretty much in mint condition. That little bend doesn't interfere with anything.... and hell, it's not even noticable unless you actually look at the bezel around the lid. It might not even be a bend in the aluminum top either... it could be just a slight bend in the bezel that was there from the beginning, and i just didn't notice it until it took that fall.... but it's worked fine ever since.

Funny story.... for the life of me i couldn't think of where this one little pit in my wood floor came from... which actually cracked through a couple layers of polyurethane and dented the wood beneath it.... until i actually remembered that incident. Now i'm fairly certain that little dent came from the lid of the netbook. And people say netbooks aren't rugged. FEH!

Kinda looking for maybe $250 shipped.... although i'd kinda prefer local pickup if remotely possible. If that seems a touch too high.... make me an offer, and i might consider it.

and sorry about the fingerprints. Originally the lid itself looked a LOT worse than it does in the picture i posted because of all the fingerprints and crap.... but i wiped them off with a microfiber cloth... which took a bit of rubbing. Completely forgot to wipe them off the bezel of the screen.





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