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FS/FT Digital Camera, Computer parts and more


Red Sox Fan!
HOT CAMERA DEAL! For $220 shipped! (Price Drop of $20!)
The below listed Kodak DC290 and all the parts listed with it, a pair of Oakley Sunglasses (sport frame, missing nosepiece), Vantec Tornado 80mm Fan, Vantec Tornado 92mm fan, Nortan Antivirus for Handhelds (Annual Service Edition), The below listed PC-Chips board with the AMD K6-2 550mhz processor, Hawking PN9225 Cable/DSL Router, And adding in a Sandisk 128MB USB Flash Drive, also adding in those nice little clear Mac speakers that almost all macs have now, no subwoofer included.

___________________________________ ___________________________________ ____

Kodak DC-290: $190 (Shipped) Great camera, Great Price, Must go! Offer Offer Offer.
2.1-3.2MP Digital Camera
Great camera; Comes with battery charger (batteries are long dead but charger works great with others), USB cable to camera, 128MB CF Card (May throw in a 256MB CF card to sweeten the deal). But here's the kicker part anyways: I spent some time finding all of these pieces for this camera because they aren't readily available but; a Lens Adapter for this camera, The Kodak Telephoto Lens, The Kodak Wide Angle Lens, as well as both Kodak Micro Lenses, bags for all of the lenses (except for micros which I store safely. No scratches on any of the lenses, camera works GREAT! Uses 4 AA batteries.

Specs on lenses:
KODAK 37 mm Close-Up Lenses (Micro lenses) The +7 and +10 diopters in this set can be used individually or combined to give you a +17 lens.
KODAK RETINAR 37 mm Wide-Angle Lens Take in nearly twice the field of view compared to your standard camera lens at its widest setting.
KODAK RETINAR 37 mm Telephoto Lens

These lenses also work with these model Kodak Cameras
* DX3900
* DC5000 (series)
* DC290
* DX3600
* DC3400
* DC280
* DX4900
* DC265
* DC260
* DC240
* DC210
* DC120

AMD K6-2 550mhz + PC-Chips 585LMR motherboard (Onboard Sound, Lan, 8mb Video) Great stable board, Great processor ($25 shipped)

___________________________________ ___________________________________ ____

<<<<<<<TRADE LIST>>>>>>>>
Prices are negotiable:
I will also take trades of; Ati Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB - XT (preferably non o/ced), AMD64, Or maybe you have something I ould use but don't know it. 512MB sticks of good PC3200 ram. Offer and we'll see.
<<<<<<<<<END TRADE LIST>>>>>>>>

<<<<<SOLD LIST>>>>>
Compaq Presario 1245 Laptop: (Sold to Alexmack at $170)
Ti-83 Plus (Sold)
Partition Magic 8.0 OEM (SOLD)
Athlon XP 2400 (SOLD)
1.5GB of Kingston Valueram PC2700
2GB (512MBx4) of Infineon DDR266 CL2 ECC-REG Ram

AIM: Shepscrook
EMail: shepscrook at gmail.com
That's a pretty old camera - for 190 you can get a brand new Canon Powershot A70, so I wouldn't pay that much for it, even with the extra lense accesories.

I'd give you an MSI nForce motherboard, AMD XP2600, and a Geforce Ti4600 for it, though.

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