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FS/FT: Constantly changing list (US)

Prefer Paypal: shepscrook (at) nc.rr.com
heatware: shepscrook

I am looking for: Hard Drives 250GB+ SATA Seagate or Western Digital, in good working condition. Preferably under warranty.
Intel Pentium 4 1.5ghz 400mhz FSB $25 (Shipped)
PCChips 585LMR Socket 7 Motherboard with onboard everything. ($25 shipped)
With AMD K6-2 500mhz processor: $30 (Shipped)
Ati 7500VE AIW - $18 (Shipped)
Ati Rage128 AIW - $20 (Shipped)
Western Digital IDE, 120GB 7200RPM 2MB Cache: $35 (Shipped)
Western Digital IDE, 100GB 7200RPM 2MB Cache: $32 (Shipped)
Maxtor IDE Fireball 3, 40GB 5400RPM 2MB Cache: $25 (Shipped)
Western Digital IDE, 200GB 7200RPM 2MB Cache: $45 (Shipped)
(I'll trade ALL of these for 2x 250GB SATA drives WD or Seagate)
Creative Sound Blaster Live! with Drivebay: $25 (Shipped)
Creative Audigy 2 (Works with the Live! Drivebay!): $35 (Shipped)
  • RAM
128MB PC133 Ram $15 (Shipped)
128MB DDR266 Nanya Ram $15 (Shipped)
Symantec PCAnywhere 10.5 with manual: $30 (Shipped)
Symantec PCAnywhere 11.5: $30 (Shipped)
Netopia 3346 DSL Router: $45 (Shipped)
Swiftech MCW462-U CPU Waterblock = $30 (Shipped)
Netgear WG121 USB 2.0 Wireless G Adapter: ($20 Shipped)
DigitalDoc5+ System Hardware monitor w/2USB and 1 Firewire: ($20 shipped)
Belkin USB BusStation F5U100 9 USB Ports, PS2, Serial ($35 Shipped)
Danger Den 3-1 CPU Waterblock: ($20 Shipped)
Panasonic KX-FB421 Multifunction Fax / Flatbed Scanner / Printer: ( Local pickup only) $50
Brother 5840 Multifunction Machine: $50 (Local Pickup Only)
Canon Pixma iP5000 (Unknown Condition): $35 (Local Pickup Only)
  • SOLD:

4GB I/O Magic USB Drive = $35 (Shipped)

Asus P4S533 Mobo ($38 Shipped)(PENDING)
Ati 8500 AIW (No Fan) -$20 (Shipped)
Ati Radeon 9800 Pro (TRADED)
512MB PC133 Micron Ram $35 (shipped)
Intel D865GLC Motherboard Socket478 - $65 SOLD
Pentium 4 - 3.2ghz 512kb cache 800MHZ FSB (Northwood) (478) - SOLD
Ati Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB w/Ramsinks - SOLD to MegaGlow
8x 256MB PC100 Ram - $25 per (shipped)
1x 256MB PC133 RaM - $25 (shipped)
4x 128MB PC133 Ram - $15 per (Shipped)
1x 256MB PC2700 (DDR333) $22.50 (Shipped)
1x 512MB DDR266 ECC Registered $35 (Shipped)
1x 256MB PC133 Laptop: $25 (Shipped)
128MB 200pin PC2100 SO-Dimm for Laptops ($15)

Prefer Paypal: shepscrook (at) nc.rr.com
heatware: shepscrook
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Oh, I don't mind the moving it around, I actually find it much more organized then having some items with strikes through it, and some without mixed in. Mine are divided into sections. But oh well. Maybe I'll do a strike through all sold items. :)

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