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frustrating error

I have had an error come up a couple of times that says a "Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to Debug?"

Right now, this error came up when I clicked on the settings link for sytem restore.

the runtime error said:
Line: 95
Error: the specified module could not be found.

What's going on?
These are script errors in the web pages... no real concern for you unless you're the one writing the scripts and want to debug them. To disable script debugging in Internet Explorer go to tools> internet options> 'advacnced' tab> under the 'browsing' sub group, tick 'disable script debugging.'

i still have my problem. . .

i did a windows installation fix. .. .still the same problem. . .

i do NOT want to reformat. . it's a little problem. . .arrgggghhhh . . .anyways, i just did that a week ago. . .

it also seems i keep ending up w/ little probs. here and there. . .don't know if it's all the same cause. . .seems like the system is SLOWLY deteriorating. . i am pissed off. . .


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