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Frontpage: Orbitz/Orbitz Expanded

First off - fantastic job, MdSalih and EP. The new themes look amazing on the frontpage. :D

One thing that remains to be fixed: (I think you already know about it)

Each individual news category page seems to set it's own cookie for the theme, so even though you set the main page theme to Orbitz for the first time, the Software, Hardware, Gaming etc. category pages continue to use the Ekko theme until you individually set the theme on each of those pages.

If anyone else has comments/feedback or finds any bugs or anything odd about the new themes, please post them in this thread :)
EP's response on IRC:

<[e]-Punk> its not a bug
<[e]-Punk> its the default design
<[e]-Punk> and something we are going to hack into vn ourselves


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in case anyone else cant see the option it is down the left hand side of the main page.

At current the front page + the forum skins are seperate, therefore the forums can have a seperate skin from the main page

this should clear up most questions;)


Nice work guys.
As some of you may know we have been using Orbitz on our front page & forums at Techzonez since April and most of our members love it. :cool:

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