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Frontlines Fuel Of War


OSNN Veteran Original
Worth it? Should one buy it, or should I continue playing and working on all the other games that have already came out?

Are you going to get it?


OSNN Veteran Original
Looks like it might be good, I am just worried because it kinda looks like it might want to be COD4, but won't be. And I have that, so wondering if like should I. hmmm

*and, can you rent games for the PC? How does that work...


OSNN Veteran Original
I just played the first 2 levels and I am really enjoying it.

The graphics are amazing (not as good as COD4 but not far off) and the gameplay is fun and interesting (again, not COD4 but very close). I haven't gotten to the parts of the game that people say are different from other games (airstrikes and such) so I can't say much about it. Yet I do think it was worth the money and I can't wait to play more of it, which I will be doing very very soon.

Everyone should pick it up and play.

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