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Front page problem


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
On this news story the "code" tag does not wrap around the advert, and as such is displayed over/obscured by the advert. Also it goes across the news icon when accessed from the main page

At least it is for me (using FireFox)


The Greek God ...... ;-)
With the IE of Windows XP SP2, I dont see any problem.Frontpage creates the pages as IE optimized.And I have seen some pages that in IE you can see them with no problem and at firefox it is all messed up! :(


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
Thats because they're often not coded properly.

I've checked it in my IE and it seems ok, so must be a Firefox(mozzilla?) thing

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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I made the change.
Basically we don't use the code tag very much, not that I have a problem with people using it or anything, but I haven't made changes to it to reflect on other changes that have been made to it.. ;p

Basically the line was too long and HR tags seem to ignore any other tags and stretch as far as they feel. I will recode that function when I get home.

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