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the last post on the main page doesnt end.... there must be an open tag funkin it up, because if you look you will notice jewlezz post has no border at the bottem, and the cruicial ad is there with the quick links... click the hardware/software, and news page and look at the bottom.. you will see the diffrence. it dont look so bad now more news has been posted, but 1st thing this morning there were only 4 visible topics on the main page as nothing shows after the above link.

theres no comments box or anything at the bottom, go look again u will see ;)


NTFS Stoner
this is the last post.

Internet Explorer's dumbest bug explored
Posted by Jewelzz on 07 May 2003 - 05:28

Some unfortunate developer at Microsoft is being mercilessly ribbed at the moment. Either that or is busily cleaning out their desk. All because of one silly mistake. How could a mistyped HTML tag cause a whole series of programs to crash?

But that silly mistake is exactly the kind of thing that should never, ever have escaped into the wild. How on Earth it has escaped notice until now is a mystery. Perhaps because only a beginner would miss the equals sign out of an input tag. A beginner might think that the crash was their fault.

Several readers have written in after exploring the bug more fully. And, as Ivor Hewitt found out, perhaps the nastiest indictment on the developer concerned is that the bug will cause IE to crash even if the now famous line is in a comment.

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