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Front Page Error! w00t :P

Firewall Hole Plugged
Posted by waddy on Monday, February 11 @ 17:00:02 GMT (20 reads)

lightwave writes "A patch has been released to plug a security hole in the popular firewall programs BlackICE Defender and BlackICE Agent, which allowed malicious hackers to " ? " over computers or crash the defensive programs.

Anyone running these versions of BlackICE on Windows 2000 or XP platforms should install the patch.

The patch can be downloaded from ISS here:

www.iss.net "
I inserted the mistake in bold quotes with a ?
Great Upkeep & Content

With all the great news on the front page I re-visit every now and then and get a full page of news- which is great, I'm not sure where else I get news that is mostly important as posted on xp.org.

I'm surprised I found a mistake; this site is highly visited with a great audience to my knowledge :D
Last Moments :p

So does that mean I get LightWaves position :D

You can pay me 2 times of what your paying LW; which i believe is Nothing! hehe :)
think we need to upgrade the spellchecker and dictionary on him... should fix it... if it dosen't we might have to take CiRe apart and rob his... :-/

LOL what spellchecker; I came with a spellchecker?

I remember a couple years back I couldn't spell which correctly; that was a blonde moment of my own after no school for 3 months :D

Electronic Punk

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IF these blonde jokes don't stop, I will be forced to kill you all, and then keep my hair silver during the week.

I carefully spellcheck all my stories *cough*bollocks*cough* :D


LOL. Anyways, why bother with BlackIce? BlackIce is one of the weakest and crappest firewalls ever. Stick with the free ZoneAlarm. :D

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