From the Can, or the fountain?

From the Can, or from the Foutain

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Mr. Bananagrabber
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12 Jan 2006
Hey everyone, I am curious, do you like your Soda from the can, or from the fountain?
Gotta go with a can. I know it every can will taste the same. Can't say the same for a fountain. Although good fountain is REALLY good, I need consistency. Incidentally my boss told me a horrific story about what happened when a fountain machine was cleaned at work ....

not appropriate use of these tags but I'm trying to save your lunch. You sure you want to know??
You asked for it.... The flow was really weak, the nozzles appeared to be clogged and they were..... with a long ass tape worm. Bet you wish you didn't click on the spoiler button now
That was nasty.
I like it when the machines run out and then you get pure syrup :)
JK, thats actually quite nasty:)
Fountain FTW
What exactly is soda? Is it a type of drink or is it just what you foreigners call fizzy stuff like coke?
what us foreigners call fizzy stuff like coke.
Ah well in that case I prefer my coke out of a bottle
I like pop out of fountain but I do like cans over plastic bottle but I prefer glass over anything.
Bottle. "Fountain"s are always watered down to ****, and cans aren't as big as bottles :p
I think you have been hanging out with Henyman too much :eek: :p

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