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From 20 ping to 1000+?



I just formatted my PC running Windows XP Pro. The reason I formatted is that some spyware somehow got installed on my PC that was givving me like 1000 popups every 5 minutes. I have a Linksys NC100 Ethernet adapter running the standard windows drivers which have worked fine for me up until this most recent format. Now for the problem.....

I play Counter-Strike all the time. PRoblem is I enter a game with 20 ping but then about 20 seconds into the game my ping will shoot up to over 1000 and I can't even move. I have no other apps open besides CS. I know you networking gurus must have some idea what could be the problem. It's unlike anything I've ever seen before. I don't think it is a problem with the game eitehr b/c sometimes when I'm just randomly surfing the net my connection will crawl to 4 or 5 BYTES per second! I am on a 768/128kB DSL connection with 2 other computers networked through a DIGI 5 port hub. I have had the same PC setup for 2 years now so it can't be anything that I jsut added to the PC. If anyone has any idea what to do I would be eternally greatful. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.


DId it and says everythign is fine with my connection. Here are the results. ICMP (ping) was almost 1000 except for once it was 68. I'm about to throw this POS XP out the window if I dont' fix it soon. Win2k never gave me any problems like this.


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I assume that nobody else is using the other computers when this happens, as it IS a hub, and if someone was downloading something else on another computer you could have a lot of collisions and errors and a sever drop in speed. perhaps there is a rogue program on one of the other computers that is using network access, or perhaps someone is downloading stuff and walking away? could be a lot of stuff. take a look at the hub itself when this problem presents it's self and see if a specific port is getting a lot of bandwidth, just to eliminate that for sure.


i have the exact same problem, but i play TFC, i can join a game at 35 ping and about every 30 to 60 seconds i get a spike to 1000 ping or worst. this is very aggrevating. i had this problem for 3 months and have tried everything even buying a new hard drive. so now i think it's either my ISP or the net itself, but my main suspect is STEAM. the day they brought STEAM online for the general public it started. hummmmmmm!!! this happens on every server i play on, weather it's through STEAM or not because i still have the old TFC 1.5 set up on different hard drive, because i don't like STEAM. this is the only computer in the house.

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If you're playing on Steam, then that will be part of the problem.
It's still buggy and I don't like it very much.

The other problem might be to do with the ISP. The more people using the net the slower the transfer rates will be.
You should check your ISP network monitor (if there is one) on their website.


The other 2 pcs belong to my brother and mom. All my mom does is surf the net 1 window at a time. She does this all the time while I play and it never seems to affect my ping. Also I have had Lan Parties with up to 8 PC's connected to my internet connection and we have all played CS on the net with less than 100 ping easily. I did the format and was back up and running in less than an hour. Before I formatted it was PERFECT. The only problem I had was all these annoying pop-ups that Ad Aware could not fix for me. My only solution was to format. THis PC is used for 3 things, CS, Porn, and CS. I can live without porn but I can't live without CS. Like I said I have been using the default windows drivers for my NIC card for the last 2 years without any problems. I'll try disconnecting the other PC's and see if I get any different results. I'll report back later on today.


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I normally have DU meter running and it would show me my transfer rates, maybe try that program on your computer.

Or try this free program http://www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=599
It will tell you what open ports you have on your computer and which program/site it's trying to connect. Open IE and browse a couple sites and then you'll understand.

Or open Task Manager > Processes
You might want to sort out the CPU so that when a program uses up alot of resources it would jump straight to the top and that program might be the one that's causing all your problems.


The problem seems to have fixed itself. I tried playing again today and my ping was completely stable. Thanks to everyone who offered advice.

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