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Hey, a friend of mine is having a problem that is absolutely stumping me. He had a fairly stable install of xp that was an upgrade from 2000 so he decided to reformat and do a fresh install of xp. Problem is ever time he has tried to install it (up to about 20 times now) the cd rom dies midway through the install so the install ends up being incomplete and the repair functions don't appear to work either. The problem has also happened with 2000pro (which we tried to install after xp wouldn't install). We have also tried taking everything out of the system other than gfx card, one stick of ram, one cdrom and one hdd. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Thanks much all
Last step is tweaking the system BIOS, check if any upgrade is available.
Also consider that your friend's cd might be near to death.
You can also try copying all the installation files to the hard drive and running setup from there. All you need is the 'i386' folder and sub-folders. In that folder run the file winnt.exe.
Start a new installation, exit and go to fdisk. Delete and recreate your partitions. Then format (you can format to ntfs at this point if you like) and then try to reinstall.

If this doesn't work then Lonman is correct and the problem is with your cd drive. Get the set of floppy install disks and try that.

If this doesn't work, THEN you have a real problem.

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