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Fried mobo/ need new cmos?

Yesterday when trying to OC my XP 2600+ it wouldnt start. i know this is usual so i normally use the jumper to restore factory defaults. it work one time until i did it again. i left the jumper in the reset mode and turned the pc back on forgetting to switch it back... i went and asked a few friends and people at www.frozencpu.com (located in my town) they said that i would need a new bios chip.

this is where i get confused i think its the BIOS saved on a CMOS type chip or vice-versa im not sure of the correct term but i have an asus board and i was told to get a pre programed board and i dont know where i could find one.

does anyone know where i could buy or find what im looking for?

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What model board are we discussing?

Bios may still be ok so I wonder if you have tried to clear it again.

Unplug power supply, take out battery and reset CMOS for at least 10 minutes.

Then put battery back, jumper to normal position and see if board will run.
I did all this, and have tried to clear it many times. i am in school now so i took the cpu, connector's to the mobo, ide cables, pci/agp cards and booted it up again.

tonight i will get the mobo type. i just got it from a friend earlier in the week cause i built a new case. but any help in the meantime will hopefully help


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The CMOS is Ceramic Metal Oxide Semi-Conductor and it stores alterations to the original BIOS chip. Such as memory addresses and I-O addresses so iyou don't have to re-enter them every boot.

BIOS is your Basic Input Output System, it controls the actual hardware boot of your motherboard before the O/S (Operating System) takes over.

More than likely you dumped or erased your BIOS chip and CMOS if you booted with the jumper in place. So without a new BIOS chip or a Eprom writer you are SOL.

Eprom stands for Electronicly Programmable Read Only Memory.


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I've had this happen many times. Take the cpu out of the mobo and place it back in after a few seconds. Whenever mine wont boot I do this and the BIOS loads up and tells me that I have a new cpu.(thats why I dont OC anymore :p)

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