Friday...Anybody seen it?


Dabba Dooba
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29 Jul 2002
Just rented Friday,Friday After Next...I seen both movies before and i seen Next Friday. I was wondering if u all seen it and what u think bout it?Friday is the best in my opinion.
Froday is the best, it has that cypress hill tune after all ;p
"Barbershop" was the movie that introduced me to negro films. It was hilarious! I should give Friday a look. Is it the same kind of humor?
not seen barbershop, but it has ice cube in don't it?

You also wanna check out higher learning, and those other films like that, it's not comedy but pretty cool anyway. boyz in the hood is another ;p
Yeah...Barbershop is funny. The new ones looks pretty good too.

Rosa Parks aint do nothin but sit her black @$$ down She was tired.

thats funny...
Friday is the only one in the series that is worth watching...Barbershop is a nother movie that is well worth the money...Menace II Society is the best movie based on life in the hood in my opinion and Higher Learning is a very good movie...and I'm not sure the term "negro" films is the right term HandyBuddy...with your friends if they are black that is an ok word to use if you are joking but not in a public forum
Break yourself Fool!!!!!! LOL...Yeah sayin negro is kinda pushin it but its alright by mean. I am best friends with he is so funny.

Sup Big Perm...I mean Big Worm. LOL sorry i will prob be putting quotes from the movie evey post.
UNCF needs to consider a name change then. I just saw Friday! Old, but still great! BREAK YOURSELF, FOOL!! Lol...

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