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Fresh xp install attempt-mouse arrow vanish after software not passed win logo box


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Firstly Serial ch0 master no device-Serial ch1 master no device which someone told me means the PC hasnt recognized the hard drive. The pc goes through switching itself off at different stages during attempt to use Recovery disk. Through many tries to get further I have got as far as 34mins left remaining 'installing devices' on a fresh install. A box appears stating the Software for the VIA Bus master IDE controller has not passed its logo test and to carry on would/could impair the machine. Whichever choice I make the 'arrow' disappears and I get a new box saying Software has not passed for the Standard Dual channel PCI IDE CONTROLLER. At this stage I cannot use the mouse and have to ditch my fresh install. Could someone help please. Is it a POWER problem? How can a machine just power itself off! Much appreciation for any help! Ps Everytime I power up now I get the Windows XP screen(black) not the Welcome one. Then it sends me back to the setup screen to continue SETUP only to come to the dead end again with the mouse disappear and the Windows logo box.

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