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Fresh Download

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Direct quote from another site.

"actually, i suggest that people refrain from downloading and using any of freshdevices' software.
it turns out that they released a software called freshui to let you tweak your windows settings, kinda like tweakui or x-teq's x-setup.
guess what? it turns out the author of freshui ripped off large chunks of x-teq's source code of x-teq's x-setup. when put on the spot with obvious proof, freshdevices ignored x-teq's request to cease and desist, didn't even reply to repeated communication, and instead posted another version of freshui.

what was the proof that the code was ripped off? it was an obvious copy and paste job, where many sections of freshui are identical to x-setup, down to identical typos in the text!!!

as a result of this, x-teq is asking people to boycott freshdevices, not use their software, and show them that they can't get away with such business practices."

Trying to confirm it now.
Hipster Doofus, you want to give me a link to this other site so I can verify this information? PM the link if you don't what to give it out.


Ahh, do you have screen shots of those typos? I go with the software that performs the best. Who cares who ripped who off. Just as long as in the end I get the better of the two (and they better be free if one or the other is ripping the other off). In the end I'll reap the benefits of the two.:D

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