Freezing problems....HELP!!!!


Was LadySunshine
19 Jun 2004
Ok right now I am running nothing but Norton Antivirus 2002 and mIRC chat client. Thats it... but my computer keeps doing these little freezes and it'll come back a second or so later. Its really starting to bug me that I cant run anything because of this... any ideas?

I have an AMD Duron 800MHz processor and 256megs of DDR Ram... I THOUGHT that is plenty for what I use it for....:confused:

Thanks for any ideas on this one...:(
Have you checked the event viewer logs to see if anything is buggy?
do you have any heat issues somehow? made sure all your fans are running and such?
AMD Durons... they don't have a problem with temperature *really* unless your case is *badly* ventialted...

freezes are normally caused by overheating... on an AMD Athlon it would freeze and wouldn't come back so you would have to cold-boot it... an AMD Duron like i've said above don't really have problems with heat... but its worth a check m8... get a temperature monitor like "Motherboard Monitor 5"...

Ok, There are THREE fans on this sucker and one side of the case is off (been this way for quite some time, I lost the damn screws to put the side back on!!), so there is the fan on the CPU, there is a second fan on the power supply on the back and a third fan in the front of the case (forgot what that one is called). And its in a room that is always cool temperatures... so it just cannot be that.

Where is the event viewer logs and I'll post it up here if someone wants to read it for me to tell me what they think? I sooo gotta get rid of this problem. :(
Right click on the 'my computer' icon> manage> Under the 'system tools' tree you'll see 'event viewer,' expand that branch and look for warnings or errors. Right click on any of the items you find and it will give a short blurb of the problem.

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